Jellyfish project

Tags: fun 

I’m currently attending the MPRI (Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique) and we are loving the course on Scientific visualization and computer Graphics.

This course is taught by Damien Rohmer and Julien Tierny and is graded on an article presentation and a project (and an exam because the MPRI require it), and I would advise anyone who has the opportunity to take this course !

For the project we could do anything we wanted as long as it involved notion seen in the course.

With my friend Rémi Dupré we decided to model a scene underwater with jellyfish. It was his idea but mainly because I love jellyfish…

He handled the structure of meshes the creation of the scene in povray and I took care of designing the shape of the jellyfish.

Here is the Github repository and few pictures of the evolution of the project.